Pauli Rose Libsohn, who has worked at Rallye Motors in Roslyn for the past 39 years, launched her literary career in 2014, when she arranged and edited a book of poems by her mother, Mitzi Libsohn, that marked the first book published by either of them. The latest effort includes romantic poetry that her parents wrote to each other in greeting cards from 1945 on, along with Pauli’s own thoughts.

immortal kisses Confessions of a poet

“Immortal Kisses – Confessions Of a Poet,” by Mitzi Libsohn, Arranged and Edited by Pauli Rose Libsohn, reveals my mother’s emotional and deeply personal “confessions” about her life-long love affair with my father. I published this volume of work, due to a promise I made to my mother before she passed, to publish her writings.

Songs of you A postscript

“Songs Of You – A Postscript,” by Mitzi Libsohn, Compiled and Edited by Pauli Rose Libsohn, makes a statement as a P.S. to that first volume, with “songs” of poetic verse previously unknown – only recently discovered, which my mother lovingly composed once again, about the powerful and enduring passion she possessed for my father.

silhouettes literary passageways

“Silhouettes – Literary Passageways,” by Mitzi Libsohn, Arrarnged and Compiled by Pauli Rose Libsohn, reflects literary choices favored by my mother – various books and poetry all possessing the same theme – love, in which she sings their praises in the form of brilliant literary silhouettes, leading the reader through their tantalizing passageways.


“What Is Love,” By Pauli Rose Libsohn, my biography of my parents’ life-long love affair, found to be both hypnotic and inspiring by so many. People could not get enough of the allure of this fascinating and haunting passion-filled story – a recounting of the unending and unstoppable desire my parents had for one another throughout their lives – their impassioned love affair from its beginnings, intensifying over time, and continuing to live on after the final curtain was drawn.

My Mother and Shakespeare A Daughter's Journey

“My Mother and Shakespeare – A Daughter’s Journey,” by Pauli Rose Libsohn, is the last of my mother’s writings, comprised of her treasured papers on Shakespeare, written during her college years, about which I have created a fascinating story about why she kept them, and the many faceted stories behind them.

Messages of Love Remembered

“Messages Of Love Remembered,” by Pauli Rose Libsohn, is compiled solely of my parents’ original verses of poetry and letters of love, is an artistic effort relating to and involving their lives throughout the years, in essence, telling their story. I have in turn, created lovely stories and insights behind all their poetic writings, composed for all and various occasions – lost love letters, along with my parents’ greeting cards’ messages of love .

The Ballet with encores

“The Ballet With Encores,” is an “Ode” to my parents’ and their enduring love – a story of their beautiful romance, inspired by and composed of their own verse. These extraordinary expressions of my parents’ love for one another date from 1944 – 2007. Their life-long passion is compelling, and is a declaration of love in its most positive sense. It is the story of a bond never broken between a man and a woman, and the inspiration behind “The Ballet,” a one act play about a chapter in my parents’ lives that changed their life’s course forever.



Written by Mitzi Libsohn,Adapted by
Pauli Rose Libsohn


A Letter For Molly

Written by Mitzi Libsohn,Adapted by
Pauli Rose Libsohn



Written by Mitzi Libsohn,Adapted by
Pauli Rose Libsohn

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Looking forward to 2020

Six New books in 2020

By Pauli Rose

During these past few months, I have kept myself quite busy with my many and numerous writings. Proudly, my most recent effort has just been released – “The Ballet With Encores,” and is the last in the series about my parents – Mitzi and David Libsohn and their passionate love affair. This entire endeavor, a work of love, began six years ago with the release of “Immortal Kisses – Confessions Of a Poet,” and continued with the publication of an incredible six additional books. Now that I have completed my promise to my parents, I have branched out and to my amazement, have written ten children’s stories, with three now in production at my publisher, with an additional two, just submitted, and an anticipated publication date for all, slated for the Fall of 2020. My subsequent five manuscripts also have a projected release date, and that is for the Spring of 2021. I am sure I will not stop there, for many ideas are yet swirling around in my head.

“All my seven books are now in production as Audio Books. Hopefully they will be completed by the end of the summer. I will keep you posted.”

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